• Q: Where are you located?

    Ans: In the leather tanneries cluster of Kasur, about 40 km from Lahore (provincial capital of Punjab, Pakistan).

  • Q: How soon can I get samples?

    Ans: 2-3 weeks.

  • Q: What are your shipping costs?

    Ans: Depends upon shipping destination, mode of shipment. Please write to us with specific orders.

  • Q: What is the Product lead time?

    Ans: 4 Weeks after product approval.

  • Q: Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

    Ans: For Production (Minimum 1 Drum Load= 2500 to 3000 sqft), whereas, For Sample (Minimum 100 sqf).

  • Q: What is your production capacity?

    Ans: 400,000 square feet per month.

  • Q: Do you use any band chemicals in leather?

    Ans: No, we do not use any banned chemicals at all. At Akram tannery Leather is produced in full compliance to European Standards.

  • Q: Do you have any band chemical certificate?

    Ans: The certificate can be provided upon request.

  • Q: Do you have technical staff?

    Ans: We have fully trained technical staff.

  • Q: Payment Terms?

    Ans: With new customers TT in advance/ L.C at site.

  • Q: Which currency do you prefer?

    Ans: US Dollar/ Euro.

  • Q: Can you develop our customized articles & colours?

    Ans: On demand we produce customized articles & colours.

  • Q: What is your selection grading criteria of the leather you produce?

    Ans: As per international standards.